Mats Larsen

936 44 273

I'm a UI/UX designer currently working at Simpleness, a digital design agency based in Oslo, Norway. As I am full-time, I'm currently not taking on any additional freelance work. If you would like to contact me you'll find my information above or you can add me on Linkedin (I'm not really too active).

This is an experimental site. I'm sorry to say, but there is nothing of importance here. The whole purpose of this site is to test page speed and SEO. As of right now the site is doing really well, but I'm not sure what the future brings. is telling me I should have at least 300 words per page so to not be disqualified for a lack of content. I hope this makes you happy Google...

The whole point of this site was to build something quickly and measure it using different benchmark tools to try and get as good of a score as possible, but now I'm stuck here, writing 300 words of nonsense. Well, at least it isn't as boring and meaningless as someones meta description, right...? You know who you are. Anyways, I brought you this far, you're still reading and we're already at 202, so my advice would be to stick around until the end, which is just down this next paragraph.

As a designer in a digital design agency one might think this sort of thing wouldn't interest me, but since I feel a general need to understand how things work I couldn't stop once I really got started and the rabbit hole never seems to end. As long as this process gives me some insight that I can bring on in future work I'll at least have that. I would like to thank you for hanging around. Let's hope this...